Art Director - Illustrator - Matte Painter- Concept Artist

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Professional entertainment artist with a focus on visual storytelling. Classically trained in illustration and fine art, I’ve spent a long, varied career providing 2D and 3D art services for film and television. In addition to my artistic abilities, I have a broad technical skillset. I am comfortable with a wide range of software programs and techniques. This allows me to work fast and efficiently delivering large volumes of work without sacrificing quality. I enjoy working collaboratively in teams, I take criticism well, and my passion is telling stories with art.  



Art Director


2014 – Present

As Art Director I managed art teams, provided conceptual illustrations, developed visual pitch-decks, created matte paintings, developed museum exhibit designs, developed content for virtual reality (both realtime and 360 video), and provided look development for multiple large films. A few notable projects are:  

2016 - “Disney Movies VR” virtual reality experience as well as multiple unannounced titles

2016 - “The Argos File” (won “Proto Award” for for best live action VR experience)

2015 - “The Audition” by Martin Scorsese (VFX Art Director)

2015 -  Disney’s “The Jungle Book”

2015 - “Hunger Games Catching Fire” Look Development and Concept Illustrator.

2014 - “The 33” Look Development and Concept Illustrator.

Matte Painter “Beats of No Nation” / “The Ranch”


2015 – Matte Painter and Look Development

Look-Dev Concept Illustrator, Matte Painter  “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for”

Prime Focus

2013 – Look Development and Shot design.

Look-Dev Concept Illustrator “San Andreas”

Warner Brothers / Universal Production Design Art Department

2013 – Look Development and Shot design for the opening sequence in the film


Matte Painter “Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”

Look Effects

2013 – Matte painting and set extensions for the Himalayan Sequence

Matte Painter "Oblivion"                                                                                    


2013 – Matte Painter for Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion"

Environment Painting Instructor: Gnomon School of VFX                               

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

January 2013 -Instructor for 3D Environment Matte Painting and Projection techniques Photoshop, Maya, 3Ds Max, Vray, and Nuke


Lead Matte Painter "Pacific Rim"                                                                       

Mirada Studios

July 2012 – Lead Matte Painter for Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

Matte Painter "Elysium"                                                                                    

Image Engine Design Inc.

2012 - Matte Painter for Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium"

Matte Painter "Amazing Spiderman"                                                             


2012 -Matte Painter for the "Amazing Spiderman"

Matte Painter “Rock of Ages”                                                                              

Digital Domain

2011 -Matte painting for “Rock of Ages”

Matte Painter “Hess”

Relevant vfx

November 2011 – Matte Painter for “Hess” TV spot

Matte Painter "Hugo"                                                                                         


2011 - Matte Painter and Illustrator for Martin Scorsese's "Hugo"

Matte Painter “Mets Amaz’n”

Digital Domain

2011 - Matte painter for "METS Amazin'"

Matte Painter “Tron Legacy”

Prime Focus

2011 – Matte painter for Tron Legacy

Matte Painter “Priest”

Svengali FX

2010 - Matte painter for “Priest”

Matte Painter “2012”

Uncharted Territory

2009 - Matte painter for Roland Emmerich's “2012”

Matte Painter  / CG Generalist

Sway Studios

2007-2009 - Various TV spots depicting all CG environments and vehicles


Visual Forensics, San Ramon, CA                                                                                                       

2002-2008    Played an integral role in creating and coordinating over thirty 3D animated simulations and accident reenactments to be used as evidence in multi-million dollar courtroom trials.

Responsibilities included:

Precision Simulations, Grass Valley, CA                                                                                             

2005-2008 - Provided client with scientifically accurate 3D models and scenes for numerous 3D simulations to used as evidence for courtroom litigation purposes.

Sabel Engineering                                                                                                          

  2004 -  Design Visualization - Provided client with a fully edited, 6 minute 3D animated sequence depicting engineered machinery for company marketing material.

Advanced Stent Technologies                                                                                       

 2004 - Provided client with several technical 3d medical animations for medical training and presentation purposes.

Litigation Animation, San Jose, CA                                                                                     

       2004 - Animated courtroom simulations involving pedestrians and motor vehicle accidents.

      Assisted in location filming of multiple accident reenactments.



Art Academy San Francisco

Diablo Valley College