Art Director - Illustrator - Matte Painter- Concept Artist

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Professional entertainment artist with a focus on visual storytelling. Classically trained in illustration and fine art, I’ve spent a long, varied career providing 2D and 3D art services for film and television. In addition to my artistic abilities, I have a broad technical skillset. I am comfortable with a wide range of software programs and techniques. This allows me to work fast and efficiently delivering large volumes of work without sacrificing quality. I enjoy working collaboratively in teams, I take criticism well, and my passion is telling stories with art.  





Senior Concept Illustrator for Beau Willimon’s "The First"

Westward Productions

Concept Illustration, Look development, and Set design

Working with vendors turning my concept world into physical sets

Close collaboration with NASA consultants, Futurists and the Production Designer to build believable, engineering-accurate futuristic space tech


Senior Concept Illustrator for "Unannounced Project"


-Look development and design services for 2 upcoming features

-Working closely with the Director and Production Designer providing key art and Design for environments, costume, vehicles and props.
-Using room-scale VR as a preproduction tool


Senior Illustrator/Concept Artist "Underwater"

Fox Studios: Art Department


-Look development and design services for an upcoming feature for Fox Studios.

-Working closely with the Director and Production Designer providing key art and Design for environments, costume, vehicles and props.
-Using room-scale VR as a preproduction tool

Art Director


2014 – Present

As Art Director I managed art teams, provided conceptual illustrations, developed visual pitch-decks, created matte paintings, developed museum exhibit designs, developed content for virtual reality (both realtime and 360 video), and provided look development for multiple large films. A few notable projects are:  

2016 - “Disney Movies VR” virtual reality experience as well as multiple unannounced titles

2016 - “The Argos File” (won “Proto Award” for for best live action VR experience)

2015 - “The Audition” by Martin Scorsese (VFX Art Director)

2015 -  Disney’s “The Jungle Book”

2015 - “Hunger Games Catching Fire” Look Development and Concept Illustrator.

2014 - “The 33” Look Development and Concept Illustrator.

Matte Painter “Beats of No Nation” / “The Ranch”


2015 – Matte Painter and Look Development

Look-Dev Concept Illustrator, Matte Painter  “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for”

Prime Focus

2013 – Look Development and Shot design.

Look-Dev Concept Illustrator “San Andreas”

Warner Brothers / Universal Production Design Art Department

2013 – Look Development and Shot design for the opening sequence in the film


Matte Painter “Secret Life Of Walter Mitty”

Look Effects

2013 – Matte painting and set extensions for the Himalayan Sequence

Matte Painter "Oblivion"                                                                                    


2013 – Matte Painter for Joseph Kosinski's "Oblivion"

Environment Painting Instructor: Gnomon School of VFX                               

Gnomon School of Visual Effects

January 2013 -Instructor for 3D Environment Matte Painting and Projection techniques Photoshop, Maya, 3Ds Max, Vray, and Nuke


Lead Matte Painter "Pacific Rim"                                                                       

Mirada Studios

July 2012 – Lead Matte Painter for Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Pacific Rim’

Matte Painter "Elysium"                                                                                    

Image Engine Design Inc.

2012 - Matte Painter for Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium"

Matte Painter "Amazing Spiderman"                                                             


2012 -Matte Painter for the "Amazing Spiderman"

Matte Painter “Rock of Ages”                                                                              

Digital Domain

2011 -Matte painting for “Rock of Ages”

Matte Painter “Hess”

Relevant vfx

November 2011 – Matte Painter for “Hess” TV spot

Matte Painter "Hugo"                                                                                         


2011 - Matte Painter and Illustrator for Martin Scorsese's "Hugo"

Matte Painter “Mets Amaz’n”

Digital Domain

2011 - Matte painter for "METS Amazin'"

Matte Painter “Tron Legacy”

Prime Focus

2011 – Matte painter for Tron Legacy

Matte Painter “Priest”

Svengali FX

2010 - Matte painter for “Priest”

Matte Painter “2012”

Uncharted Territory

2009 - Matte painter for Roland Emmerich's “2012”

Matte Painter  / CG Generalist

Sway Studios

2007-2009 - Various TV spots depicting all CG environments and vehicles


Visual Forensics, San Ramon, CA                                                                                                       

2002-2008    Played an integral role in creating and coordinating over thirty 3D animated simulations and accident reenactments to be used as evidence in multi-million dollar courtroom trials.

Responsibilities included:

Precision Simulations, Grass Valley, CA                                                                                             

2005-2008 - Provided client with scientifically accurate 3D models and scenes for numerous 3D simulations to used as evidence for courtroom litigation purposes.

Sabel Engineering                                                                                                          

  2004 -  Design Visualization - Provided client with a fully edited, 6 minute 3D animated sequence depicting engineered machinery for company marketing material.

Advanced Stent Technologies                                                                                       

 2004 - Provided client with several technical 3d medical animations for medical training and presentation purposes.

Litigation Animation, San Jose, CA                                                                                     

       2004 - Animated courtroom simulations involving pedestrians and motor vehicle accidents.

      Assisted in location filming of multiple accident reenactments.



Art Academy San Francisco

Diablo Valley College